May 22, 2020

Ravi Zacharias Tribute

In this episode we honor the life of Ravi Zacharias and talk about the impact he had in our lives. We tell stories and highlight what made Ravi such a powerful evangelist and wonderful man of God. #ThankyouRavi

In the final episode of our Coronavirus series we question "How should we react in a troubled time such as this?" Is bunkering down and obtaining supplies using wisdom or is it reacting in fear? Is this really a very unique time with a very unique opportunity? 

Music by Brian Buchanan

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We continue our three-part series on taking a look at our reaction to the coronavirus. We are seeing many different reactions to this virus and the potential threat it poses to some people's lives. So it prompts the question:"How do we" If I don't believe in God, or any life after this, how might I react when my life might be threatened? What if I do believe that this life isn't all there is? How might I react? We discuss all of this to provide some proper perspective on how we should react in these times.

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Music by Brian Buchanan

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In this episode we ask "What is the expected reaction from the coronavirus?" Is this a grave injustice to humanity or is this just part of living in a broken world? We also look at how the advancement of technology has really shaped our expectation of how our lives should look and the associated disappointment when things go wrong.

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Music by Brian Buchanan

On this episode we shake things up a bit. Josh and Shane have prepared difficult questions to ask each other without previously discussing them. These questions come from common questions and issues many people have about Christianity and the Bible. All questions are time-stamped below:


(6:43) Question 1- If I’m a good person who does more good things than bad and live a happy life, why would I need God?

(13:38) Question 2- How do approach sharing your faith with someone from a Muslim background or faith?

(20:05) Question 3- If God is all knowing and all-loving, why did He even put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden?

(28:18) Question 4- How do you explain the silence of God to a believer and non-believers?

(37:00) Question 5- If there was no death before the fall, why do so many animals have predatory features?

(42:47) Question 6- Most Christians believe that if a baby dies, they go to heaven. Is it possible that if that baby would have lived that they would have chosen a life apart from God? 

December 22, 2019

Don’t Judge Me

Don't judge me! This is a common response to moral correction or disapproval but does it have any merit? Are we ever allowed to point out mistakes or flaws in other people? Many will point to the Bible and say that it says "Don't judge others lest you be judged." 

This topic can be a bit tricky but we will break this idea down in this episode. We will look at the intent of this phrase and other similar phrases dealing with "being judgmental." Then we will look at the natural outworking of a society that completely avoids "judging" others. Lastly we will hold it under the lens of the Bible and see what it says about judging others within the proper context. 

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In this episode we approach the notion that the book of Genesis is incompatible with science and therefore is often viewed as myth. This view is becoming more and more popular due to a rising belief in scientism. But does the modern scientific view actually validate some of the Genesis creation narrative? Josh and Shane take a look at three claims: 

- The consensus of recorded human history

- The common descent of man

- Life from non-life

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November 11, 2019

Evangelism with Chris Staron

We welcome author, writer, and host of the "Truce Podcast" Chris Staron to the show. We spend some time getting to know Chris and talk with him about his release of season 3 of the Truce Podcast. We also dive into the topic of evangelism in light of our previous episode "Is Evangelism Offensive" and provide our experiences and strategies of sharing the Gospel message with unbelievers. 


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October 31, 2019

Is Evangelism Offensive?

On the latest episode of Switching Lenses we address the question “Is evangelism offensive?” According to a Barna Group survey there are many who share this sentiment that it is wrong to share your faith with someone in hopes that they will one day share the same faith. So, are personal beliefs so sacred that they are above any kind of dissenting views or objections? Have we reached a point where we are unable to disagree? And what happens if we hold up a particular belief and question its truthfulness? Join Shane and I as we dive into all of these questions and more in the episode entitled “Is Evangelism Offensive?” 

September 26, 2019

Political Preaching

In this episode we address some quotes from democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg. He has called out those across the political aisle, namely those professing a Christian worldview, and accusing them of disregarding what the Bible says in the name of partisan politics. Does Mr. Buttigieg have a case? Is there a legitimate claim of hypocrisy or are the claims unfounded? We will dive into 3 particular quotes on the topics of human sexuality, addressing poverty, and biblical interpretation.

Topic Intro/Disclaimer- 1:44

Quote 1- 7:36

Quote 2- 17:06

Quote 3- 30:33

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